The Kraken Radio Music Expectations


The Kraken is striving to be Second Life’s best Rock Club on the grid. To reach that goal we must consolidate our resources and play the music that will get us there. We want to be the place that people come to hear Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Hair Bands aka Glam Rock. What exactly is that music? Do a simple google search of any song you have a question about and it will tell you what genre it is.

All sets need to be approximately 90% of the genre(s) Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Hair Bands aka Glam Rock. A typical 2-hour set is approximately 30 songs (4:00 average). During your sets we will allow a small percentage of songs (approx. 4 in the 2 hours) to be of any other genre outside our scope.

Those “other” songs need to follow the following standards.

1. No Explicit Rap or “R&B” that describes sex acts (How Many Licks) or describes body parts in detail (Wet Ass Pussy).

2. No slow ass songs, especially if people are dancing and chatting and having an obvious good time. Don’t throw out the slow songs in the middle of that. Read the room. If you see a lot of couples dancing then maybe play 1 or 2 but voice it as you’re “Playing some music for the couples out there”

3. No songs that are racially motivated or songs that call out gender, race, origin or sexual orientation.

4. No songs that include the “N” word more than twice in the same chorus. You know what we mean here. Just don’t play it.

5. No LIVE CONCERT versions of songs. Please find the actual recorded radio or LP release version and play it. We understand there are SOME songs that are “live” in nature and that’s how they were released, those are fine.

6. No Screamo Music: If it’s limited and just part of the song, fine but if it’s basically the whole song, no.

What about VIDEOS?

We don’t care if you get your music from YouTube but make sure it’s JUST The song, not a bunch of extra stuff put in there for a music “Video”.

ex. This is Journey’s song Don’t Stop Believin’ –

It’s a video of JUST the song. No actors or anything. And THIS one is Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” – See how it has extra stuff in it that is NOT part of the actual song?

We don’t want this! Check your song/videos, before you play them.

You may want to consider finding other outlets to get your music. Videos provide too much work to clean them up.

That brings us to your music library. When you play your songs, we all see what you are playing in visual form.

PLEASE fix your titles. It is SO EASY to fix your titles. There is no excuse to have dirty tags.

i.e. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Official Video RCF) – Should look like this : Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Do this before you play a song.

Please don’t make us police this.

You are all professional SL DJ’s.

Clean your tags.

Who we are

Just a bunch of folks who love rock music,  Especially the 70’S, 80’s & 90’S, We also love to DJ and love to help people have a great time! Check out our schedule to see when we have LIVE DJ’s! 


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