Wulf Fhang – Owner (The Kraken)


Owner and Operator of The Kraken Radio. Co-Owner of the ForeveR sims on Second Life.

Wulf Fhang, famed DJ in Second Life, has collected some of the best Rock songs from all the generations of Rock. Kick back and turn up the radio babies, Wulf is about to rock you out!

History: DJ Wulf aka (Robert) has been DJing professionally since 1988 when he started at a local AM radio as the night guy. Over the years Robert has worked for several stations including Rock and Christian stations in Florida. In the late 90’s Robert became a Mobile DJ and worked the Orlando/Disney circuit doing weddings, corporate events and hosting the new “Karaoke” wave. In the last 15 years, Robert has been DJing & Singing in Virtual Reality locations such as Second Life and direct internet feeds to folks looking for a DJ but not wanting live perfoirmers due to COVID restrictions.  Robert is also a real life singer/performer who started his singing career in the US NAVY choir back during his time in the Military. He traveled the state of Florida, participating in singing contests as well as organized shows. He was also a one time contestant of “Ed McMahons Star Search” and had a video presence on “Nashville Now”.

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Just a bunch of folks who love rock music,  Especially the 70’S, 80’s & 90’S, We also love to DJ and love to help people have a great time! Check out our schedule to see when we have LIVE DJ’s! 


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